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Interactive marketing
E-marketing is more important than ever because of the growing competition in business world and increasing Internet awareness of consumers. The people at C.A.T Vietnam are experts at understanding the Internet as a marketing and sales medium. If you're unsure of how to harness the power of the Web or how to use the Web as a communications tool, you need to be talking to us.

Companies and individuals engage our emarketing consulting services for everything from a few hours of assistance to long-term problem solving. Our professional experience and expertise has been applied to:

• Give general e-marketing guidance
• Undertake a Needs Assessment
• Review and recommend best fit products or solutions applications
• Participate in Internet marketing brainstorming sessions
• Improve visitor to buyer conversion rates

Act as an independent liaison between marketing, executive management, and the web development team
Successful Internet marketing begins with a solid plan. Whether you're venturing for the first time into online marketing or have dabbled before and now need an experience professional to help, C.A.T Vietnam is your reliable partner. We can help you create an impactful marketing plan that focuses on your bottom line ROI.
Together we'll work to:

• Define your target demographics
• Identify opportunities
• Set campaign goals
• Select appropriate online marketing vehicles
• Develop innovative marketing solutions
• Track campaign results

Every client has unique goals, and needs a unique solution, and C.A.T Vietnam has both the manpower and the brainpower to craft, execute, and analyze your online marketing goals.
If you already have a web site but it's under-performing, it might be your site -- its navigation, user-friendliness, content, and functionality. A web site analysis is one of the first things that C.A.T Vietnam does before undertaking any kind of marketing campaign. Why drive traffic to a site that visitors don't enjoy being at?

Our Web Site Analysis Report will detail flaws in site structure, source coding, navigation and content and make recommendations for improvement. Similarly, we can undertake the same kind of analysis of your competitors' sites. Our Competitive Analysis Comparison Report notes things competitors might be doing better or worse than you, features they offer, how they fare in search engine rankings, the number of links into their site they have, and any other significant issues.
Email marketing is on the rise worldwide. With response rates that range from 3-15%, savvy marketers can't overlook the power, effectiveness, and cost savings email marketing can bring to an organization.
Who Needs Email Marketing?
These are just a few of the kinds of organizations that have benefited from email marketing:

• Consumer Businesses
• Industrial Businesses
• Service Firms
• Universities & Private Education
• Non-Profits
• Associations & Trade Groups

Email As a Relations Management Tool
Use your existing database of customers and prospects to build awareness, educate, sell, and service. Every time you use email you are strengthening your relationship and for only about 5% of the cost it takes to run a traditional direct mail campaign
Ninety-two percent of the online population visits a search engine, portal or community site every month! To be visible to the Internet public, you Web site must be designed to work with Search Engine Optimization.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of constantly fine-tuning your web site's components to improve its search engine rankings. SEO can:

• Drive more qualified traffic
• Increase leads and sales
• Maximize brand visibility
• Become a cost effective addition to your online marketing mix

Our Services include:

• Drive more qualified traffic
• Pre-optimization ranking evaluation by keywords/keyphrase
• Manual submission to Top Search Engines and Directories

Web Site Copywriting and Content Creation for Web Page, Email Marketing and Search Engines

Poorly written copy on your website can have an adverse effect on your traffic, repeat visitors and search engine rankings. If the copy on your page has such an effect on traffic and search engine rankings, WHAT IS IT DOING TO YOUR SALES? How about your email marketing campaign? How do you turn your email campaign into a selling machine? Answer: GREAT COPYWRITING
C.A.T Vietnam's copywriting can help you:

• Increase sales, repeat customers, search engine rankings, traffic and web site visibility
• Increase sales, repeat customers, search engine rankings, traffic and web site visibility
• Get your message across quickly and effectively without beating around the bush
• Show you how content can directly impact your business

We provide CREATIVE COPYWRITING services for whatever needs you have:

• Email Marketing Campaigns
• Search Engine Optimization
• Online Media and Advertising
• Off-line print

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