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4 CAT-WALKS to establish yourself online

1. Buy a domain names
A domain name is like your address and phone number on line
Buy a good domain name for your company or organization. It must be easy to remember. The most popular TLD extension is .com, .net, .bizAct fast before somebody own your company's name on line. Check out our prices for domain name.

2. Design your Web Site yourself or hire a professional to do it
The Web site itself is like an office or store that customers can come and visit to find out more information about your organization.
Our advice is unless you have a good team of Web designers and programmers, don't waste your time and resources trying to build a Website yourself.
If you want to hire a professional to build your Website, make sure they have all the relevant about your company. You can write up something about your organization's background, products and services that you offer, how customers can buy stuff and contact you
Do you know that CAT can save you all the hassles by offering full-ranged services from designing to providing consultation for your need?

3. Find a good hosting service provider for your Website
Hosting service is to accommodate your Website. This is where all the information of your site is hosted. Make sure that the service has high speed connection and low down time, so your on line office and store will open 24/7.
Our US-based hosting service is satisfaction guaranteed. With high uptime and broad band capabilities, your Website will be just a click away from your customers.

4. Promote your site
This is the most critical step to having a successful Web site. Communicate your site to the public as much as possible. Put your Web site address on name cards, letter head paper, POS materials, products...Have the press mention your Website address in any article they write about your company. These are the least you can do. If you have more budget, we can help you work out a more detailed plan to market your site like putting ad banners in well We can help you with this, too. Check out our e-marketing services for more information.

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