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3 steps for make your internet marketing plan
As with any other business venture, it is important to thoroughly think through your objectives and strategies before you begin.
Before building a website, ask yourself three basic questions:

1. Why are you on the Web?
Think about it carefully, answer honestly, and you just might be successful

2. Who is your target, or who do you want your site to attract?
You must decide exactly who you want to reach, looking at demographics and other strategic ways of defining your target. The determination of your target audience will affect what kind of external links you make to your homepage, where you advertise your site, and what kind of content you include.
Another basic consideration is whether you're primarily targeting existing customers, likely "prospects," or both.

3. What do you want your site to do?
Define your goals. Make a written list of the specific things you want to make happen, with time periods for each goal. You can use your site to generate instant online sales, provide enhanced customer service, reinforce or revamp your company's image, recruit new employees, provide free services or information to build up goodwill, or create a valuable database of existing and potential customers.
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